Golf Frassanelle's location, inside Papafava Antonini dei Carraresi's estate, at the foot of the Euganean Hills, allows to discover with short routes, by car, on foot and bicycle the natural wonders of the area and the artistic beauty of the nearby city of Padua, Venice and Vicenza.

From Venice, with its lagoon where time seems to stand still, the Riviera del Brenta, with breath taking Venetian Villas, to Paodva, famous for the Scrovegni Chapel, the old University, the Basilica del Santo, Prato della Valle and the Botanical Gardens, or Vicenza, Palladian architectural treasure.

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ASD Golf Club Frassanelle

Via Rialto, 5/A - 35030 Rovolon (PD)
Segreteria: T. +39 049 991 07 22
F. +39 049 991 06 91
Ristorante T. +39 049 990 49 96
e-mail: info@golffrassanelle.it
P.IVA IT03442190280


Opening Hours


MON.  8.30-17.00
WED.  8.30-17.00
THU.   8.30-17.00
FRI.    8.30-17.00
SAT.    8.30-17.00
SUN.   8.30-17.00

Swimming pool opening
from 15/06/2022 to 18/09/2022
Pool opening hours: 10.30-19.00